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Warrior Horses Charge to the Forefront to fight Pediatric Cancer

Warrior Horses - Warrior Kids

Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids going to the Rose Bowl


Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids founder, Ryan Melendez and our newest Warrior Kid, Dylan will be walking alongside “Arabians Embracing the Power of Hope” in the Rose Bowl parade! These are all Arabian Warrior Horses who have been matched or soon to be matched with kids battling cancer. Click Here for more details and to see the our newest Warrior Match! 

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WHAT IS A WARRIOR HORSE? An Arabian or Half Arabian horse that will bring new focus to a kid battling Cancer. WATCH VIDEO click HERE

Warrior Horses


See the Warrior Horses currently battling for their Warrior Kid! Each horse has raised $1000 each and have been raising awareness for childhood cancer! Every dollar is going straight to pediatric cancer research portfolios!  

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WHAT IS A WARRIOR KID? Kids with pediatric cancer that will embrace this unique interaction with the special horse. Meet a few of the Warrior Kids who have been matched with Warrior Horses and register your Warrior Kid! 



Have your horse join Ryan Melendez in his cancer awareness endeavors AND the *Leukemia Lymphoma Society, a world leader in Cancer Research in a campaign to find a cure! Ryan was diagnosed with Very High Risk Acute Lymphoblastic Cancer on September 10, 2015. Click HERE to read his story. 

GOAL:  To match warrior kids to noble warrior horses to fight alongside them in their battle And afterwards.

 Every dollar raised goes directly to funding research and is tax deductible!

*Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids has been a recipient of the Arabian Horses for Humanities  program and affiliated with the Arabian Promotional Fund. 


For every $1000 raised, we will match a Warrior Horse to a Warrior Kid. Once matched with their horse, the Warrior Kid will receive special access to his/her Warrior Horse, through direct connection with the rider/owner. The Warrior Kids will get to follow their Warrior Horse throughout the year, receiving updates, their show schedule, photos of their Warrior Horse showing,  and at times the ability to watch the live feed of their Warrior Horses battling in the showring. 

A special Warrior Ribbon will be awarded to Warrior Horses at National Events and will be sent to their Warrior Kid with a photo. Perhaps even a shoe worn and/or a lock of hair from their Warrior Horse will sent as well. Warrior Kids who are able, will have the opportunity to meet / visit with their Warrior Horse.  A press release will be sent out and local press may be available to cover the match... Warrior Horse to Warrior Kid.  Their connection will be wonderful to follow along and nothing lifts the spirits more than the love from an Arabian Warrior Horse... Fighting along side their Warrior Kid battling Cancer together!


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Where does your donation go?

Every dollar fundraised/donated goes directly to Warrior Horses for Warrior Kids through the Arabian Horse Promotional Fund (our Associated charitable organization) You will receive a receipt directly from them. All donations then get distributed to LLS (Leukemia Lymphoma Society) specifically for pediatric cancer research. If you would like any information from LLS you can contact them directly or send us an email (below) and we will be happy to get whatever you are looking for. Thank you for your much needed support in FINDING A CURE!

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The Leukemia Lymphoma Society isn’t dedicated to just blood cancer cures and treatments – they are dedicated to curing cancer. Of the 67 FDA Approved drugs to treat cancer since 2000, just about half were originally intended to treat blood cancers and many of those were advanced by LLS.  Stem cell transplants, bone marrow transplants – both treatments were first discovered in LLS funded research.  For more information on the organization, please visit http://lls.org

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