What is a Warrior Horse?

Currently a Warrior Horse is an Arabian or Half Arabian horse that will bring new focus to a kid battling cancer. Have your horse join Ryan Melendez in his cancer awareness endeavors AND the *Leukemia Lymphoma Society, a world leader in Cancer Research in a National Fundraising Campaign to find a cure!


*At this time we are not accepting new Warrior Horses but your horses  can be placed on a waiting list! We will need all the horses we can get but want to be sure to match the current horses in the program first. 

What is a Warrior Kid?

WHAT IS A WARRIOR KID? Kids with pediatric cancer that will embrace this  interaction with a horse. This is a unique experience for Warrior Kids to have that will give them a focus outside of the Hospital walls and isolation they can have at home. Specifically designed to allow a special connection to a Warrior Horse and allow your child to have support from the horse community. If able, they can meet their horse (Warrior Horses are matched to Warrior a Kids nearest their location) and continue to have contact through visits to ranch, watch them compete at horse shows online, and through email, texts, social media and video messages of encouragemen! 


Matching Details

Once matched with a horse, the warrior kid will receive a special access to their Warrior Horse! Warrior kids who are able to visit the horse will have the opportunity to meet / visit with their warrior horse.  Warrior kids will be matched with their warrior horse, receiving updates, photos of their special horse.

**Owners you can register your horses and we will develop a fundraising page for you. Your horse will be listed on this website under all nominated horses needing donations to become a Warrior Horse. Each horse will be linked to their own fundraising page, to rally friends, families and supporters to raise $1000. A tally will be kept of donations for each horse and when your horse achieves Warrior status... you will be notified. This is a way to raise awareness about childhood cancer and the lack of cancer research fund being allocated to fighting pediatric cancer! Only 3.8% of the National Cancer budget goes to funding new drugs, treatments and cures for our children! 

Goal: To match 500 warrior kids to noble war horses to fight alongside them in their battle.

Overview: Every $1,000 raised will give a warrior kid (pediatric cancer patient) the special experience of matching with a Warrior Horse.

CALL TO ACTION:Register your horse to become a Warrior Horse OR Register your child to become a Warrior Kid!!!